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Beyond and above

A different dream

Jrock Haven - a place beyond and above..
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Hi! *waves* I'm kyo_yami, the moderator! This is a place where everyone with a passion for jmusic can feel free to hear tracks and see the videos!

-Posts will be moderated, and please introduce yourself! Requests are: 3 mps per post, 1 PV per post, per person ^^.

-If you have any songs/videos you wish to share, feel free to do so ^^ Spread the love!

-I'm also accepting requests and uploads of Jpop, anime and japanese games [e.g final fantasy], so everyone's happy!

-Fangirling is also allowed, but not in excessive quantities [i.e. over 3 posts]

-I will try to update at least every three days, so all your musical needs will be catered for!

Buh-Bye! ^-^